Thursday, March 25, 2010


It's been a while since I've written anything. Why? The answer is quite simple, I've been reading and writing. I just finished reading two great books.

Tombstone Treasures Book One: First Impressions
By Michelle Sutton

The author is a friend of mine and it was my first time purchasing an eBook. This book can be found online at Desert Breeze Publishing. One a side note, I still like old fashioned paper books. I loved the female lead character, Sammie from the beginning and enjoyed the journey she took in finding her way to God. I'm trying not to say too much because I don't want to give the story away. But I'm glad I stuck with Sammie and didn't change my feelings when things started going against her. In the end, Sammie and Jimmy both came through for me, leaving me wanting to know what happened next.

The other book I read was suggested by Michelle.
Havah: The Story of Eve
by Tosca Lee

When Michelle told me about this story, she said it was a beautiful love story...and she was right. I began reading this book with the intent of remaining upset with Eve for what she did in the Garden of Eden. Instead, I learned to respect, appreciate and like Eve. This is a beautiful story told from Eve's point of view. We know so little about her life, but this story really made me think about what she and Adam were like and how much they must have loved each other. And how much they loved God and how determined they were to mend that relationship and do whatever was necessary to get back what they'd lost.

I recommend both books. Two different love stories that left me excited about the future of both women.

What am I writing?
I just finished the edits on the second installment of The Alex Chronicles Series. I'm excited about where the story goes in the second installment. Plus I'm half way through the third installment in that series. In writing about Alex and her friends, it lead me to develop a new character unlike Alex...Kyla. She is the opposite of Alex and her story is reflective of her different background. I'll disclose more about "Kyla" and her posse as I get a little further in her story.

Signing off for now.