Monday, April 12, 2010


I have been busy learning more about the world of writing. More specifically, the business of writing. This weekend I attended a workshop on writing the Inspirational Romance. It was very informative. However, I got a huge shock. I thought I had been writing Inspirational Romance or Inspirational Women's Fiction. Surprise, I'm not or haven't.

If you have read anything I've written you might think like me, nice, realistic characters facing real life situations seeking out answers and directions from God. That's what I thought Inspirational Romance or Inspirational Women's Fiction is. It is as long as you don't do or say a few things. We were presented with a list of things not allowed in this genre. As I reviewed my work, I learned I have pretty much included every one of the "don'ts or not alloweds" in all of my work.

Here's a sample of what is not allowed:
No drinking
No gambling
No dancing
No profanity
No drugs
No passionate kissing
No nudity
No fornication or adultery
Hero and Heroine can not be divorced if they're Christians

Here's the funny part Bingo and Raffles are considered gambling. And the words, "gosh", "dang", "golly" are considered profanity. I'm still trying to understand the physical attraction guidelines. You really aren't supposed to mention what physical qualities attracted your hero and heroine to each other. The heroine can where makeup, but you really shouldn't dwell on her physical beauty. And she should dress modestly.

I write Christian characters that live real lives. I write what I know and I know Christians that have lead extraordinary lives. And Christians who are quick to tell you what attracted them to their mate or what attracts them to the opposite sex. Or who have experienced many of the things some of the publishers for the Inspirational Genre(s) don't approve of. I believe in God and His word and I have read some things in the bible that will make your head spin. Yet when it comes to the world of Inspirational Fiction, I'm a little confused.

Where do I fit in? My style or voice is too edgy for Inspirational and too spiritual for mainstream.